Thursday, February 25, 9–13 h
You will present your chosen topic, support your choice, explain how your previous project(s) relate to it, and how it relates to the focus on material gesture of this specific studio. We will discuss the possible Begleitfach Dizipline you can choose to support the work during your final semester.

Tuesday, March 2, 9–13 h
Individual discussions with Cecilia

Thursday, March 11, 9–13 h
You will present the full research related to the assignment and the material and spatial concept. The research is documented through photography, material samples, models, writing and drawings.

Tuesday, March 16, 9–13 h
Individual discussions with Cecilia

Thursday, April 1, 9–13 h
You will be required to present the project with an understanding of the architectural and technical aspects of a complete building including spatial, material, and structural aspects. You will be required to discuss the project development as it relates to the ways of making and the chosen materials, the construction techniques, the cultural significance and its relationship to the site. For this review, we will invite the assistants in charge of your chosen Begleitfach Dizipline.

Tuesday, April 13, 9–13 h
Individual discussions with Cecilia

Thursday, April 23, 9–13 h
In the third review, we will touch more in-depth the structural and building physics aspects together with the construction techniques. We will discuss the organisation of your project besides the spatial and light conditions developed out of the material research. The aim of the review is to have a final draft presentation of your project. The minimum requirements are: introductory text that explains the concept of the project, drawings of a site plan, all floor plans, elevation and section, a technical horizontal and vertical section, model of the building and fragment models with the chosen construction material and photography of the models.

Tuesday, April 27, 9–13 h
Individual discussions with Cecilia

Thursday, May 6, Until 18:30 h
Together with the assistant you will display the final work in the Master Thesis exhibition space. You are required to display alongside the final model and fragment models the material gesture research, drawings of the project, and photos of the model on portrait A1 sheets.